Dent Pricing by Size:

Up to 1″ – $99-$129
Up to 2″ – $130-$159
Up to 3″ – $160-$199
Up to 4″ – $200-$325

Prices may change due to size, location, and type of damage. Additional Labor charges will be added for aluminum panels, roofs, creases, and body line damage.
Note – Additional dents on the same panel are 50% of the price of a single dent price. In other words, 3 – $100 dents on the same door will cost $200. The first dent is $100 and the next two are $50 each. All the dents must be on the same panel of the vehicle to receive a discount. If they are on 2 different panels, the single dent price will apply to both. The largest dent is always the first dent priced per panel.
Prices for removing dents using paintless dent removal is custom for every type of dent. The prices above are for dents of average depth and easy access. Prices do not include charges for removal and replacement of such things as head liners and other parts that may need to be removed to gain access to the back of the dented area. Every effort is made to minimize these costs.
Dents Larger than 4″ or collision damage $300 AND UP provided there is no damage to the paint (cracks, deep scratches, rust etc)

Dent Removal FROM $99