“Paint correction” refers to the process of removing the imperfections in a vehicle’s finish via hand or machine polishing which restores the finish to is maximum gloss and clarity. This often results in a paint finish that rivals or exceeds how the vehicle looked upon delivery. Paint imperfections can include but are not limited to:

  • swirl marks
  • tree sap etching
  • water spots
  • acid rain etching
  • bird dropping etching
  • “holograms”, “buffer trails” and swirls induced from improper polishing

Inexperienced detailers and car washes merely cover up and hide imperfections by applying waxes and/or paint sealants that contain “fillers” that will quickly wash away and do not correct the problem. Scotty’s Shine Shop has trained extensively with the best in the industry to perfect the skills to remove correctable paint imperfections completely and minimize those that cannot be fully removed. After your paint has been polished and restored the correctable scratches are GONE. We will then educate you on how to maintain your corrected finish for years to come or can maintain it for you via regular visits to the shop for aftercare.

1 Stage Paint Correction & Refinement

$499.95 1 day minimum
Our 1-stage paint correction removes moderate paint imperfections and restores gloss and clarity. This service is best suited to new cars with minor imperfections, vehicles that have been well cared for and used vehicles being prepared for sale. This service is an excellent option for clients looking for maximum “bang for their buck”.

2 Stage Paint Correction & Refinement

$899.95 1-2 days minimum
Our 2-stage paint correction service is designed to remove more serious imperfections such as light water spotting, light holograms/swirl marks and light/medium scratches.  Some deeper scratching may remain. This service is designed for dark coloured & high gloss finishes and on most vehicles will result in a near flawless result.

3 Stage Paint Correction & Refinement

$1249.95 2 days minimum
Our 3-stage service is designed to remove heavy imperfections and defects and leave the finish of the paint in as perfect condition possible.   This service is recommended for clients with the highest expectations or vehicles with severely neglected and weathered finishes.