The bare and unprotected paint of your vehicle is constantly exposed to the adverse effects of tar and asphalt from the roads, corrosion and oxidation caused by gritting salt in the winter, industrial fallout and extremely hot brake dust particles that can literally burn into your vehicle’s paint.

Insects also pose a considerable risk to the finish of a vehicle as their bodies contain acids and organic compounds that can cause rapid deterioration of car paint.

Without any protection, scratches and other mechanical damage occurs directly on your vehicle’s clear coat. This category of damage affects every vehicle, no matter how favourable the driving conditions.

Modesta products create a glass-like layer on your vehicle’s clear coat. This thick protective layer is composed of high grade silicium, which is the result of a special chemical reaction that occurs at the time of application. This impenetrable barrier provides an incredible level of protection against mechanical and chemical damage. Because this protective coating is highly repellant, our products offer the added benefit of keeping your vehicle clean longer, and of making your vehicle much easier to clean when needed.

MODESTA BC-06 Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating for Wheels

$599.95 1 DAY MINIMUM
bc-06Stain-resistance and ease of cleaning thanks to the hardness of the coating film are the most prominent characteristics of the BC-06 glass coating. This thin silica film made from perhydropolysilazane protects the wheels from dust in raindrops that may penetrate soft paints or other painted surfaces and can be removed only with great effort. Thanks to the BC-06 protection washing is required less frequently.

BC-06 undergoes a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with a painted surface, creating a hard glass coating. It has a tightly packed molecular structure that creates a solid, long-lasting surface. BC-06 is heatproof up to 1,300 °C – enough to protect wheels from burning-hot brake dust.

Wheels & suspension protected with a Modesta Glass Coating are easier to keep clean and offer needed protection against break dust and corrosion. Your suspension and the wheel wells are thoroughly cleaned and then the wheels and exposed hard suspension surfaces are treated with Modesta BC-06 or Modesta BC-09. Modesta’s BC-06 and BC-09 hard glass coatings offer industry-leading heat resistance of 2,372 degrees Fahrenheit.

Modesta BC-08 Neosillica Matrix Coating

$1099.95 1-2 days minimum
Modesta BC-08A coating for quick application on daily driven vehicles. Traces of zirconium create great shine and luster on the paint while it’s three dimensional matrix ensures excellent water repellency and self cleaning. The coating’s thick layer acts as a self-sacrificing barrier to protect the finish of the vehicle from scratches and marring as well as adverse environmental effects.

Modesta BC-04 Nano-Titanium Glass Coating

$1749.95 1-2 days minimum
bc-04A new formula coating that combines the best advantages of the original Pure Liquid Glass coatings and highest quality nanograde titanium. This combination creates a deeper shine and better reflections on the paint. The inorganic nature of the coating makes it fully resistant to oxidation. The hard physical barrier it creates also prevents paint from coming into contact with air and acts as a anti-scratch protectant.

Modesta Paul Dalton Private Label Coating

$2749.95 1-2 days minimum
pd_bothThe very best Modesta has to offer. PD Private Label combines the advantages of both organic and inorganic technologies, thus delivering unprecedented shine, protection, resistance and self-cleaning effect.

The PD Private Label consists of Two separate parts – an extremely thick and hard inorganic base coat and a Super hydrophobic organic top coat. Both of them combine together during the application to form one durable protective layer, resistant to tar and asphalt from the roads, corrosion, oxidation, chemicals and mechanical damage.