All interior detail services are sold on the basis of the  hours required to detail the interior, not an arbitrary price. The “Supreme Clean” is meant as a maintenance package to service vehicles that are cleaned regularly and only require a thorough vacuum, spot clean and interior wipe down. Extensive cleaning required on ANY interior will require our interior shampoo and detail service which includes the time and services required to provide the results that we are known for. We will not perform any service that will not yield satisfactory results in order to meet low pricing.


109.95 3-4 HOURS

  • Cars: FROM $109.95
  • SUVs/Mini Vans: FROM $119.95
  • Full Size SUVs/Vans: FROM $129.95


  • Hand wash & chamois dry
  • Clean door jambs
  • Wheels/Tires/Wheel Wells
  • Apply Tire Dressing
  • Windows Inside & Out
  • Interior Vacuum and spot clean stains
  • Clean and detail dash, console and vinyl
  • Windshield treated with glass protectant

*The Supreme Clean is a maintenance package intended to keep well maintained vehicles looking their best. Neglected vehicles, Pet Hair, Vomit and Biohazard removal and work vehicles are not suitable for this service.

Interior Shampoo & Detail

199.95 6-8 hours minimum

  • Cars: FROM $199.95
  • Small SUVs/Trucks: FROM $219.95
  • Full Size SUVs/Trucks/Vans: FROM $249.95

  • Complimentary hand wash and chamois dry
  • Clean door jambs
  • Wheels/tires/wheel wells
  • Tire dressing
  • Windows inside and out
  • Interior vacuuming
  • Shampoo and extract all seats, carpets,
    trunk/cargo area, floor mats and cloth upholstery
  • Clean fabric headliner
  • Clean and scrub all plastic and vinyl upholstery
  • Detail interior (dash, console, air vents, ash trays, cup holders etc…)
  • Windshield treated with glass protectant