3 Step Paint Decontamination

$99.95 1 hour minimum
Scotty’s Shine Shop exclusive “3 step paint decontamination” service is the factory OEM approved method for decontaminating automotive paint from environmental contaminants such as:

  • Industrial fallout or “rail dust”
  • Acid rain
  • Tree sap
  • Bird droppings
  • Insects

All paint is washed in 3 stages:

  • 1. Alkaline wash to remove oils, silicones, waxes, soil and neutralize acids from acid rain, bird droppings etc.
  • 2. Acidic wash to dissolve and remove ferrous particles from industrial fallout
  • 3. Neutral ph car wash + all paint clay bar treatment if necessary

This process completely decontaminates the paint finish and prepares it for polishing or paint protection. Recommended for all vehicles once a year.

Exterior Paint Protection Plus Service

159.95 2-4 hours minimum

  • Cars FROM $159.95
  • Midsize SUV’s/Trucks FROM $179.95
  • Full-size SUVs/Van FROM $199.95



  •  Hand wash & chamois dry
  •  Clean door jambs
  •  Wheels/tires/wheel wells
  •  Apply tire dressing
  •  Exterior Windows cleaned
  • One coat of high quality paint sealant (4-6 months durability)