We have moved into our new facility to serve you better!

We are pleased to announce that we are officially in our new, more modern and spacious facility located only 0.5 km from the old shop at 290 Horton Street East, London ON (beside Enterprise Car Rentals). We’re still working to wrap up some projects to complete our vision for the shop but we’re ready to serve you now for anything our incredible clients need! Give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled in ASAP if you need anything or just stop by the new shop and say hello!


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Scotty’s Shine Shop is moving to our new, improved location!

After almost 24 years, Scotty’s Shine Shop is moving around the corner to our very own building. We purchased the building at 290 Horton Street East which is located only 500 metres from our old location. Conveniently located beside Enterprise Car Rentals at the corner of Wellington & Horton we are looking to take the detailing and auto protection business to a level never before seen in Southern Ontario. Our new building has more space, ample parking and amenities that will make spending time at the shop a dream! Come visit us starting September 1st, 2017 and see what all the fuss is about!



Scotty’s Shine Shop Adds State of the Art Trailer for Bespoke Vehicle Transport Services

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year and Scotty’s Shine Shop! We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering bespoke vehicle transport services to our clients across Southern Ontario with our state of the art 24′ Intech car hauler. This custom made, all aluminum trailer can accommodate loading and unloading of low clearance vehicles and provides an excellent solution for our clients looking to purchase vehicle protection services but are too busy or worried about damage occurring during the drive to the shop.

One of the best features of this trailer is a large escape door and removable fender which allows the door of loaded vehicles to fully open after loading allowing easy exit from the vehicle with NO DAMAGE. The driver simply drives the vehicle into the trailer, opens the door and steps out. Typical trailers require the driver to climb out a window which, in many cases, causes damage to the interior and scratches in the paint. Allowing Scotty’s to handle your pick up and/or delivery ensures that you will have a trouble fee experience and your vehicle being treated as if it’s our own.

Our goal is to allow our clients a “one-stop” experience.  Clients that are purchasing paint protection film and a Modesta paint coating are eligible to have their car picked up from any London area dealership or their residence at no-cost. For out of town customers or special requests please contact us and we can discuss your transportation needs. We are also available to provide transportation services for clients attending car shows, track events and more.




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Scotty’s Shine Shop are now Southwestern Ontario’s Modesta Paint and Leather Coating facility

Scotty’s Shine Shop are proud to announce that we are officially Southwestern Ontario’s Modesta Paint & Leather coating installation facility! We have been working closely with Modesta since 2014 and after over 2 years of building our relationship and installing these innovative products we decided to formally cement our relationship. Modesta products are formulated in Japan and renowned for their quality and durability in the automotive protection world. It’s safe to say that only the absolute best installers are given access to become part of Modesta’s installation network and are highly sought after by the most discerning vehicle owners. For more information on Modesta and how we can enhance the beauty and durability of your vehicle please schedule a consultation by contacting us at 519-434-2922 or info@shineshop.ca


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Scotty’s Shine Shop featured in Venture Cover Magazine

Check it out! Scotty’s Shine Shop was featured in the Winter issue of Venture Cover Magazine in the Instagram section. Venture Cover magazine brings the pulse of London to sophisticated men and women with information and entertainment they need and want to read about. Venture Cover experts and contributors provide insightful business and lifestyle stories to suit an audience with discerning tastes and interests. We’re thrilled to be working with the magazine and look forward to working together in the future. You can learn more about Venture Cover at www.venturecover.com or on Instagram at www.instagram.com/venturecover








Modesta Pure Glass Paint Coatings – ONLY Available At Scotty’s Shine Shop

Modesta body coatings are unique glass coatings that create a hard protective barrier while modifying your clear coat’s refractive properties, which creates unparalleled depth, gloss and luster. With a Modesta coating, proper car care is rewarded with a surface that stays looking beautiful for longer and is easier to keep clean!

Our installers are exceptional industry experts that are dedicated to providing their clients with an incredible experience and world class end results. The customer facing experience coupled with technically sound practices ensures Modesta professionals provide you with maximum protection, longevity and beauty for your fine automobile.

By selecting a local Modesta professional for your automotive needs, you are sure to have a car that you simply can’t walk away from without turning around to see it just one last time…

To find a Modesta professional near you, take a moment to view our global installer map located here: http://modestanorthamerica.com/installers.html



1992 Porsche 911 Turbo Clear Bra removal, paint correction and Modesta BC-04 installation

We love working on interesting and unique cars at the shop and this one was a real beauty! This 1992 Porsche 911 Turbo was apparently built to run like a street legal race car and from what I saw of this car in action the builders hit the mark. After years of driving the paint protection film had outlived its usefulness so it was removed for now and we began by decontaminating the paint from any pollution, industrial fallout, overspray, tar etc that was on the paint. We got right down to polishing away years of minor scratches and imperfections and restoring the gloss and clarity that a special car like this deserves in order to look its best. After completing the polishing we polished out the vehicle with Modesta P01A Primer and then applied Modesta BC-04 nano-titanium paint coating for maximum gloss and durability. Needless to say that this is a special car and it was treated to the best for outstanding results that will keep this beauty looking it’s best for years to come.







Modesta Paint Coating Maintenance Products Are Now In Stock!

The long awaited time for Modesta’s new line of maintenance products is finally over. We have received our first shipment of products for anyone having purchased a Modesta paint coating and they are available for purchase at the shop. Here’s a quick list of the products available:


Modesta M2BLAST Maintenance Spray


A quick and easy to use maintenance spray based on the Modesta M1SHOT, intended for frequent end customer usage. Easy to use under all conditions, easy wipe off with fewer streaks.


Modesta M3FIRE Water Spot Remover


Highly effective, quick product to remove water spot issues from coated and non-coated surfaces in a regular maintenance scenario. Easy to use under all conditions, easy to wipe off with no residue and smearing and minimal product usage.


Modesta M4SMOKE Wet Application Conditioner



Easy to apply regular day-to-day conditioner for Modesta coating layer maintenance. Easy to use during regular washing.


Modesta M5FLAME Heavy Duty Contamination Remover



Highly concentrated liquid effective in removing heavy contaminants like water spots, tree sap, iron deposits, tar and many others from the surfaces of coated and non-coated vehicles. Quick and easy to use, wipes off without leaving and streaks or residue.

2005 Acura NSX Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra and Modesta Glass Paint Coating Application by Scotty’s Shine Shop

Once in a lifetime a project comes along that really speaks to your passion. For us at the shop this beautiful red 2005 Acura NSX was one of those very projects! After a consultation with the owner we ascertained that the car had been sitting at a fabricator for close to two years while work was being performed. The car arrived in less than ideal condition and had various damage that had occurred such as damage to the leather seats, marring in the paint and the entire car was covered in some form of black paint overspray.

We began by decontaminating the paint and gently detailing the engine compartment. After finishing we moved on to the interior and performed a top to bottom detailing and had our trusted friend Blair Boone from Fibernew Industries repair the damage to the leather seat. Paintwork was the next order and we spent countless hours polishing out every correctable defect in the paint in preparation to have Modesta BC-04 nano-titanium paint coating applied to all the paintwork. The decision was made to install Xpel Ultimate paint protection film to the hood, bumper, fenders, headlights and mirrors to protect the paintwork against further damage from insects, debris and stone chips so we installed a computer cut cut from Xpel. We finished up the polishing with an application of Modesta P-01A Primer and while that cured we removed the wheels from the car and thoroughly cleaned and detailed them and applied Modesta BC-06 Heat resistant wheel coating to the entire rim and the brake calipers.

Now that the paint was ready we applied the Modesta to all painted surfaces and cured it on the paint with Infrared curing lamps. All that was left was to get the little details and completely inspect the work. We think the pictures speak for themselves and were thrilled to have been able to be a part of such a special project.


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2016-05-25 14.08.16-1
2016-05-25 15.28.40-1

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Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film & Modesta Glass Paint Coating…. Unmatched Gloss, Protection and Durability

Anyone that knows the crew at Scotty’s Shine Shop knows that we are BIG fans of Porsche. Check out this 2016 Porsche GT4 that we recently had at the shop. This beauty received a full installation of Xpel Ultimate paint protection film and a new car prep and application of Modesta BC-04 nano-titanium paint coating to all exterior paint and Modesta BC-06 on the calipers and wheels. With this kind of protection applied this Porsche will be a snap to maintain it’s amazing looks for years to come. Do you have a vehicle that deserves this kind of love and protection? Give us a call to schedule a FREE consultation to see how Scotty’s Shine Shop can help you keep your vehicle looking it’s best for years to come!