Scotty’s Shine Shop are pleased to announce that we are now offering bespoke vehicle transport services to our clients across Southern Ontario with our state of the art 24′ Intech car hauler. This custom made, all aluminum trailer can accommodate loading and unloading of low clearance vehicles and provides an excellent solution for our clients looking to purchase vehicle protection services but are too busy or worried about damage occurring during the drive to the shop.

One of the best features of our trailer is a large escape door and removable fender which allows the door of loaded vehicles to fully open after loading allowing easy exit from the vehicle with NO DAMAGE. The driver simply drives the vehicle into the trailer, opens the door and steps out. Typical trailers require the driver to climb out a window which, in many cases, causes damage to the interior and scratches in the paint. Allowing Scotty’s to handle your pick up and/or delivery ensures that you will have a trouble free experience and your vehicle being treated as if it’s our own.

Our goal is to allow our clients a hassle free, one-stop experience. Clients that are purchasing paint protection film and a Modesta paint coating are eligible to have their car picked up from any London area dealership or their residence at no-cost. For out of town customers or special requests such as track day/car shows please contact us and we can discuss your transportation needs. Please contact us for our rates and availability.

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