Modesta Pure Glass Paint Coatings – ONLY Available At Scotty’s Shine Shop

Modesta body coatings are unique glass coatings that create a hard protective barrier while modifying your clear coat’s refractive properties, which creates unparalleled depth, gloss and luster. With a Modesta coating, proper car care is rewarded with a surface that stays looking beautiful for longer and is easier to keep clean!

Our installers are exceptional industry experts that are dedicated to providing their clients with an incredible experience and world class end results. The customer facing experience coupled with technically sound practices ensures Modesta professionals provide you with maximum protection, longevity and beauty for your fine automobile.

By selecting a local Modesta professional for your automotive needs, you are sure to have a car that you simply can’t walk away from without turning around to see it just one last time…

To find a Modesta professional near you, take a moment to view our global installer map located here: