Scotty’s Shine Shop helps restore US Presidential Rail Car

Scotty’s Shine Shop, Professional Auto Detailing of London, Ontario Canada joins a Professional Detailing Team to detail the Presidential Railcar U.S. No.1.

Scott Perkin, owner of Scotty’s Shine Shop will join forces with Professional detailers from across the United States and is the only representative attending from Canada on February 1st and 2nd 2016 at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami, Florida to detail The Ferdinand Magellan Presidential Railcar, U.S. No.1.

The Ferdinand Magellan Railcar was built in 1928 and put into service as a standard service railcar. In early 1942 it was pulled from service and modified with steel armour plates and bullet proof windows to transport the U.S. President in utmost maximum security.

The then freshly rebuilt Ferdinand Magellan, designated as Presidential Railcar U.S. No.1, was presented to U.S. President Roosevelt on December 18th 1942. Roosevelt regularly used the Ferdinand Magellan until his death in 1945.

The railcar was then used to transport Presidents Truman and Eisenhower. Due to the advancement in air travel, aircraft designated as “Air Force One” became the preferred mode to transport the President. Presidential Railcar U.S. No.1 was taken out of service and officially retired in 1958. It has been on display at the Gold Coast Rail Museum in Miami, Fla. ever since.

In 1984 while the railcar was in Washington D.C. to be displayed at a railroad enthusiast event, arrangements were made for President Ronald Reagan to use the railcar on a one day 5 stop campaign event that traveled from Washington D.C. to Dayton, Ohio.

The exterior of the rail car had been restored in the mid-1990s.

Today, The Ferdinand Magellan, while in good condition, is in dire need of a professional cleaning, polishing and waxing so that it will look new and be preserved for all to enjoy.

The Ferdinand Magellan Presidential Railcar U.S. No.1. Detail Team members consists of seasoned detailers that are donating their time at no charge to the museum.

The two day project could not have been made possible without the major sponsorship of Autogeek Car Wax Superstore of Stuart, Florida. Autogeek is the largest distributor of car care products in North America and is very supportive of detailers in the car care industry. In the past they have supported projects to refurbish aircraft used as Air Force One and rare WWII bombers. The detail team will use Autogeeks line of Pinnacle waxes and polishes to shine and protect the Ferdinand Magellan.

The choice of machine polisher is essential for excellent results. The polisher that the team will use on the railcar will be supplied by Rupes USA. The railcar team will specifically use the Rupes Bigfoot 21 MkII dual action polisher to polish and wax the Presidential railcar.