Gift Cards are now available from the Scotty’s Shine Shop Online Store!

It only took almost 23 years but we have taken another step in regards to technology and added an online store to the website! For now you will be able to purchase gift cards if you do not wish to have to physically drive down to the shop by going to the website and clicking on “GIFT CARDS” from the menu. The physical link is here: and as illustrated below you can purchase any amount you wish in multiples of $25 and up!

Screenshot 2015-08-27 16.47.25


Once you complete your order you can pay with your credit card and you will receive an e-mail containing a gift card that you can either e-mail or print to give to the recipient and be used at the shop that looks like this!


Screenshot 2015-08-27 16.33.55


We look forward to adding the ability to order your maintenance supplies from the site soon as well.

Making A New Car Better Than New With Detailing

At Scotty’s Shine Shop we understand that our clients insist on only the very best and in order for that to happen, even a “new” vehicle must be prepared properly. If you’re going to have your new vehicle’s paint coated, you may need to have it corrected first. Don’t think that “new” cars are exempt from needing attention!! Check out what a brand new Alfa Romeo 4c experienced here:


Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 12.55.48 PM


As you can see from the article, even a brand new car can be significantly improved when in the hands of a professional. Please feel free to contact us at 519-434-2922, or better yet drop by the shop for a FREE inspection and we can help you make your new car look it’s best and stay that way for years to come!


Introducing the new 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8. Scotty’s Shine Shop Demonstration & Show Vehicle

Over the years Scotty’s has brought in various vehicles we use to show off our skills and/or products & services we sell and install at the shop. Enter the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8! Since we have never done this with a high performance SUV what better time than the present! This vehicle will be getting the works with respect to improving it’s already impressive appearance starting with the removal of all the stock, chrome badging which will be replaced with all black badges. Next up will be all the chrome trim around the windows which will be wrapped in black vinyl and the chrome grill inserts will be either wrapped to match or painted black to match the grill. The paintwork will be receiving a full Xpel Ultimate front end wrap + contact areas in paint protection film to protect from stone chips and all paintwork will be polished and protected with a coat of Modesta BC-04 nano-titanium paint coating and topped with Modesta BC-05 for the maximum in gloss and protection and the wheels and calipers will be treated to a coat of Modesta BC-06 to protect and preserve them. All windows will be treated with CQuartz Flyby Forte and all leather treated with CQuartz Leather Protection. We’re pretty excited about this project and will update the blog with pictures and updates as we complete the work in the coming weeks!


2015 Jeep Grannd Cherokee SRT-8 Wheel 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8



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